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News for February 2014
C-School Season Ends
The Bonnyville PONTIACS finished their involvement with the Centennial School yesterday. "C-School" allows students in the Lakeland area grades 3 to 5 to attend the Centenniel Center once a week...

Annual Tercier Motors Autograph Session
The PONTIACS signed Tercier Motors Team Posters for young fans after both the last two home games against the Grande Prairie Storm and the Drayton Valley Thunder. The PONTIACS finished...

CNRL and the PONTIACS in Glendon to talk about "The Golden Rule"
Shelby KOSTYSHEN #12 and Drake BROWN #2 were in Glendon, Alberta yesterday to talk to 130 students from K to grade 6 about the "Golden Rule" and treating others the...

PONTIACS at Iron River School - "Choices and Influences"
PONTIAC players Steenn PASICHNUK, Luke MAHURA and Drake BROWN attended Iron River School today to speak to grades 7, 8 and 9 students about making good choices and surrounding yourself...

"Bullying Stops Here!"
Yesterday PONTIAC players Stephen KLEIN, Luke MAHURA, Mike IOVANNA and Wyatt NOSKEY were at H.E. Bourgoin School to deliver Anti-Bullying messages to 4 grade 6 classes. The opportunity to provide...

Lots Happening At Our Game on February 22nd Versus the Grande Prairie STORM
February 22nd is a busy night for the Bonnyville PONTIACS and a great evening for our fans. An "Honourary Life Pass" will be awarded to Founding Father and long time Pontiac...

Let's Talk About RESPECT
PONTIAC players Steenn PASICHNUK # 89, Mike IOVANNA # 10 and Wyatt NOSKEY attended Iron River School this morning to provide Respect and Anti-Bullying presentations to students K to 3....

The Bonnyville PONTIACS hockey club considers itself to be a progressive organization focused on the well-being of it's players and fans.  While the PONTIACS have never had an issue with...

Skate With The PONTIACS
After the PONTIACS game versus the Whitecourt WOLVERINES the Bonnyville PONTIACS hosted a fun skate with kids of all ages. Smiles and fun was the goal and it gave young...

PONTIACS Continue to be Busy in the Community
January continued to be another busy month in the community for the Bonnyville PONTIACS. 1. Hockey Ministries International - Chapel. 2. Boys and Girls Club visits. 3. Bonnyville Minor Hockey Association Goaltender Skills...

PONTIACS "Kick Off" CNRL "RESPECT" Presentations
Canadian Natural Resources Limited are the proud sponsors of the Bonnyville PONTIACS "Respect" presentations which are delivered to Lakeland area schools. Players Stephen KLEIN and Luke MAHURA were at Ardmore School...

Levi ANSELL Receives More Scholarships
The Bonnyville PONTIACS are proud to announce that former PONTIAC Levi ANSELL was recently awarded the "Friends of the AJHL" and the "Charles S. NOBLE" scholarships. Both scholarships recognize an Alberta...

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