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News for October 2014
C-School Started
C-School started on October 30, 2014 and the Pontiacs are once again proud to be involved for the 2014/15 season. C-School is a great opportunity for students grade 3 to 6...

See Mark LETESTU Against the Pittsburgh Penguins
Tickets are almost gone for a trip for two including air fare, accomodations, tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Pittsburgh Penguins in Columbus, Ohio on December 13, 2014....

Speaking Up and Standing Up Against Domestic Violence
After getting home at 4 am in the morning after a long south swing the Bonnyville PONTIACS were up bright and early this morning. The Columbus House of Hope provided the...

Our Deepest Condolences
It is with great sadness along with our deepest hearts and sympathy for Mike IOVANNA with the loss of his father Mike Sr. yesterday and for Jim MARTINEAU with the...

Influenza Champions
The Bonnyville PONTIACS players took part in the province wide Influenza Champions Campaign today at the Bonnyville Senior's Drop-in Center on behalf of Alberta Health Services. Thanks guys for participating.
Happy 90th Birthday Walter!
The Bonnyville PONTIAC players were privileged to be on hand for long time volunteer and PONTIAC fan Walter CABAY's 90th birthday. Congratulations Walter on your amazing milestone. You have gathered a...

Get Your BLUE JACKET on! See Mark LETESTU and the Columbus Blue Jackets Live.
The Bonnyville PONTIACS proudly present "Get Your Blue Jacket On" and see former Bonnyville PONTIAC Mark LETESTU battle Sidney CROSBY and the Pittsburgh Penguins in live NHL action in Columbus,...

PONTIACS Corporate Sponsor Night a Success
The Bonnyville PONTIACS first Annual Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Night was a huge success. It is the generous support of our great Corporate Sponsors that makes it possible for our organization...

Bird House Charity Fundraiser - October 18th
The Bonnyville PONTIACS players were busy building and designing "one of a kind" bird houses to auction off for charity. Each house is associated to each player and all proceeds will...

PONTIACS Continue to Make a Difference in the Community
The Bonnyville PONTIACS continue to make a difference and take great pride in ensuring that we enhance the community in which we live. So far this year the PONTIACS have been...

October 18th versus Camrose KODIAKS - Military Appreciation Night
The Bonnyville PONTIACS will be dedicating their October 18th game (this Saturday) versus the Camrose KODIAKS to the 4 Wing Military. Our organization is fully supportive in recognizing the men...

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